FLACADA 2016 Call for Proposals – Topic Suggestions
Proposal Deadline: March 14th, 2016
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Florida Specific Sessions:

  • Bright Futures
  • State Metrics impact on advising
  • Effects of Remediation changes for State Colleges
  • Getting Involved in FLACADA

Advising Training and Development:

  • New Advisor Survival
  • Building a Dynamic Advising Team
  • Creating/Implementing an Effective New Advisor Training Program

Special Population Advising:

  • Exploring/Undeclared students
  • Second Year Students
  • Transfer Students
  • State College Students
  • Living/Learning Community Students
  • Probation/At-Risk Students

Advising Strategies:

  • Effective Advising Websites
  • Integrating Academic and Career Advising
  • Academic Coaching
  • Building Student Resiliency
  • Group Advising
  • Distance Education Advising

 Other Cool Stuff:

  • Advising Theories
  • Advisor Research Training
  • Campus Safety Issues

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